Shopping Stores and Boutiques

North Park’s lineup of shopping stores and boutiques is just as eclectic, unique and diverse as the neighborhood itself is. Where else can you find a dog photography business, a vintage clothing shop, an art gallery and a waxing salon all within walking distance of one another? Head to NP to explore a wide variety of unique shops, each with their own particular flavor while still retaining that classic North Park vibe. Whether you need graphic design services, the latest fashions, art supplies or the perfect gift for a loved one, you can be assured that when you visit North Park you’ll find everything your heart desires…and more.

Rather than heading to the mall and putting your dollar towards big corporations, when you make North Park your shopping destination, you’re supporting small businesses. Rather than your dollar going toward some CEO’s paycheck in a distant headquarter raking in seven figures, your purchase supports local small business owners. Not only is shopping small economically beneficial for the community at large, but the intimate feel of the boutiques assures friendly, personalized service, a sense of community and unique finds that the mall just does not come close to.