Q&A With Denisse Wolf

Denisse Wolf was the artist behind the cover for our Explore North Park magazine ‘Art Issue’, distributed in 2016. She is a local San Diego artist that has been a member of the North Park community for many years. Get to know Denisse Wolf better in our Artist Q&A feature!

When did you get your start as an artist?

My artist career began in 2011 – by mistake, using old paint I found at my parents house and probably really cheap paint brushes. Best mistake I ever made.

What is the inspiration behind your artwork and the cover you did for Explore North Park?

The inspiration behind the piece was the couple I originally painted it for. It’s based on the characters from The Royal Tenenbaums – but the color scheme and technique was all thinking of them. I thought this piece would be fun to share as a cover because it’s all about love.

Is there anything about San Diego and/or North Park that inspires your art?

Although I was born in Tijuana, Mexico – San Diego has been my home for many years. Lately have found inspiration here in ways I hadn’t before. I used to find it in more literal ways, like visiting murals, museums etc.  Now it’s simpler; watching a barista prepare coffee, seeing the way shadows play on someone’s face in the right light, admiring patterns on buildings, its kinda more real I think.

Do you have anything coming up featuring your art?

I’m working on a large project that will be on display in Torrance, CA soon. I can’t say much but I can say it’ll be my biggest artwork yet 🙂

Follow Denisse Wolf on Instagram at @denissewolf.

Q&A With Denisse Wolf

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Dec 02, 2019