North Park, a neighborhood located just to the northeast of downtown San Diego, is one of the nation’s top destinations for craft beer enthusiasts. The region is divided by two intersecting streets: 30th St, and University Ave. The “30th St Corridor” which stretches across University Ave, is an incredibly rich and diverse commercial district overflowing with local breweries, bars, and restaurants.

Why visit North Park for craft beer?

Visitors to North Park love coming here because of the high density of incredible breweries all within walking distance of one another. Few places in San Diego are considered “walkable.” However, in North Park, visitors can stay at a nearby AirBnB or VRBO, and within a few minutes can enjoy a delicious beer at one of our 15+ craft breweries or tasting rooms.

What Breweries are Located in North Park?

North Park is home to no fewer than 15 breweries and/or tasting rooms. These include Barn Brewery, Belching Beaver, ChuckAlek Biergarten, Eppig Brewing, Fall Brewing Company, Juneshine, Mike Hess Brewing, Modern Times, North Park Beer Co., Pariah Brewing, Poor House Brewing, Rip Current, Second Chance, Thorn St., and The Homebrewer.

Craft Beer in North Park

North Park IS craft beer. With the highest density of breweries in San Diego, when you stay in or visit North Park you’ll be within a stone’s throw of a world class brewery. Had enough of a particular brewery’s beer? Just head next door! (kidding, sorta)

Stay in North Park

The closest hotel to North Park is the Lafayette located just up the street. From downtown or Mission Valley we’re a quick 10 minute drive. We also encourage visitors to check out the many AirBnB or VRBO options located in our friendly community.

Eat in North Park

North Park is home to an incredible assortment of restaurants from ultra casual to high-end. Craving a carne asada burrito after a nigh of craft beer? Head over to Lucha Libre. Pizza? URBN has incredible wood-fired options. Oysters? We got those too!

A traveler and beer enthusiast shares his experience visiting North Park and enjoying the local food and craft beer scene

“I just got back from a quick weekend to SD with a couple friends and our opinions lined up pretty well with the recommendations already here. We stayed in North Park at an airbnb and just walked or used Lyft to get around everywhere, so no North County this time.

Friday: Got in and went straight to Modern Times Lomaland. The beer was solid to exceptional across the board. Shared about 12 tasters including a couple MP variants. If we had anything more than a very quick weekend, I would have made sure we went again or to the NP location.

Ate a very late lunch at Carnita’s Snack Shack and that was pretty great. Walked to Toronado for a beer (I had a Melvin 4×8, my friends had a Pliny and The Pupil. The taplist was like 90% IPAs). I’m probably ignorant of something great they had on, but I didn’t see a ton of stuff I had to have, so we moved on to Rip Current NP for tasters of tons of stuff. It was all solid, but I wasn’t in love with any of it. We continued to Belching Beaver and Fall and did tasters of 8-10 things at each of those too. Same as Rip Current for me personally, but it’s hard for stuff to stand out sharing 40+ tasters in a day. A highlight of the night for me was hitting Roberto’s for an adobada burrito and then eating half of my friend’s california burrito too. We just don’t have that style of mexican food in Austin and I’m pretty hugely disappointed right now.

Saturday: Went to Pacific Beach […] Got a ride back to North Park to URBN pizza. We had the sausage & pepper pizza that had gorgonzola and some pickled peppers on it and it was pretty amazing. I had a MT Black House and that was very good. Walked to Bottlecraft and got some bottles and got to do a taster of some Grimm IPA. I kind of wanted to work through some of their very good taplist, but we walked back to our airbnb for a short rest. Went back out to Tiger Tiger, but I was pretty dead at this point. I nursed a Bottle Logic Mocha something porter and my friends got more hazy IPAs. Their tap list looked good. Then we ended up at the Coin Op game room which had a ridiculous tap list for the venue. They were offering a Monster’s Park variant, but my stomach just couldn’t do any more beer. That’s what I love most about cities like Portland or San Diego, etc. All sorts of random places have really great craft beer options.

Sunday:we basically just woke up late, got a burrito at Colima’s and flew home. Overall, the trip was pretty great. Next time I’ll have to get up to north county.”

North Park Brewery, Tasting Room, Bar and Bottle Shop Map